Target groups

The elderly in different stages of their life.

a) Population of professionally active persons aged 60-67.

In the phase of professional activity, the conditions of work most strongly influence the health of a person. An additional aspect of the currently proposed research is the analysis oriented on examining the hypothesis that work is an excellent form of active ageing.

b) Population aged 67-80 / 85

Studying of this group of the elderly should allow for verification of the hypothesis on the influence of such factors as level of education, previously performed professional occupation, familial situation, place of residence, access to information on public health issues.

c) The population 80-85 with an increase of special health care needs.

Health promotion related to the oldest persons has a limited influence if it does not take into account their caregivers and families. In case of the oldest persons the influence of health promotion can be more indirect than direct. It would be essential to distinguish the different living situations, while studying the lifestyle of this group:

• the independent life,
• life in the extended family,
• life in an institution of care.

Institutions and organisations promoting healthy life style and providing health promotions programmes and interventions:

• Employers,
• the local self-governments,
• health sector,
• mass-media,
• non-governmental organizations.