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Expected outcomes

Widespread knowledge and use of evidence based and economically effective methods of health promotion within different groups of street-level health promoters (health care practitioners, policy-makers, local and NGOs activists, social workers, trade unionists, journalists etc.) is one direct result of the project. Analyzing different institutions of public health, legal basis, sources and methods of financing and ways of conducting the work in this area, will enrich the knowledge on possibilities and barriers related to promoting health. Possessing and developing knowledge on proven and cost-effective methods of health promotion and methods of transmitting this knowledge will strengthen the argument in favor of healthy aging in European health plans.

The project will contribute to the application of relevant health promotion methods in joint actions in the field of public health. This will increase health literacy among the elderly and extend their healthy lifestyles. It will also result in limiting the risk of chronic diseases and accidents. Healthy life years period will increase.

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